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What Is Click Fraud In PPC Campaign & How To Overcome It?


The sudden upsurge in the usage of the internet has led to a marketing revolution. There has been a shift in the definition of marketing from traditional billboards to digital advertising. Today where most of the audience lies in digital spaces it is imperative for every business to promote themselves on these platforms.

Online advertising not only caters to the larger audience but also helps you allows you to reach a particular demographic. The most impeccable thing with online advertising is that it helps you measure the real-time results thus reducing the cost.

For instance- You start a campaign to reach a particular audience on Facebook. At the end of the campaign, you can measure the outcome in terms of audience, clicks and leads. It helps you make changes and decision based on the result. 

Now online advertising is a broader concept incorporating terms like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, E-mail marketing etc. But there is one form of online marketing which is widely used due to its power of customization and reach. It is Pay Per Click (PPC). 

Where today majority of companies run PPC campaign to drive traffic and leads it has the other side as well. Though I have mentioned how this campaign is being broadly used due to its notable features but has also resulted in the loss of billion dollars to the organizations. 

A fraudulent activity called Click Fraud is something that goes unnoticeable and is resulting in losses to the organization. So in this blog, we will help you understand the reality of Click Fraud and how can you overcome this.

Before we discuss the Click Fraud let me clear some air about the term Pay Per Click (PPC) for those who don’t understand it.


What is PPC?

Though there is a lot of definition of the term on search engines out of which sound so technical while others are unclear. To be very precise let me help you understand it in a very simple manner -

For instance, you own a shop and you want to make the nearby people aware of your services. Though you don’t have enough money but can afford to advertise by distributing pamphlets.

Now you display these pamphlets outside your shop which may attract few people which may turn out to be your audience. So you decide to make your reach to the wider audience. So you search for the shops which have enough or medium customers and display your pamphlet in their shop. In the end, you notice that the customers visiting your competitor's shop are also turning out to be your customer.

The pamphlet here is a form of online advertisement and pay per click is the cost of the leaflet. Displaying ads on other websites using the Google display network is similar to leaving your pamphlet on your competitor's shop. So every time someone clicks on your ad you have to pay a cost of it whether they end up buying something or not.


What Is Click Fraud?

Now that you are clear about the buzz term Click Fraud let us understand the term Click Fraud.

To lay it out plainly, click Fraud can be characterized as:

The deceitful clicking of pay per click adverts to create fake charges for advertisers.

So how does click Fraud work?

Let us relate this to the above instance of the pamphlet, at that point it's equivalent to somebody tearing down some of your pamphlets  

Since they've escaped with your pamphlets, how is any other individual going to find out about your store? If you decide to purchase more pamphlets which will cost you more cash. If you choose to purchase more pamphlets, at that point what are the chances that a similar individual will come and take them all once more?  

As should be obvious, click Fraud is a baffling and demotivating issue.  

Not only click fraud drive up advertising costs for organizations, however, it likewise misinterprets analytic data which numerous organizations depend on to settle on successful advertising choices. Even if you have a pay per click (PPC) campaign with a highly searched keyword that brings 80% of your deals. But if those keyword experiences click Fraud without you having the option to identify it, at that point from an advertising viewpoint you may choose to get rid of it. From taking a look at your information the click-through rate percentage would be incredibly high, while the change rate would be amazingly low. Since you get charged for each snap, in the long run, the expense of the promotion will exceed the benefit and you'll need to abandon it.


How To Prevent Click Fraud?

1. Limit Your Exposure

Significantly, your PPC campaign spending is part over different web indexes and social media platforms, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These online networking sites have PPC programs that can be pleasantly focused on. These stages don't work on the Publisher model. Thus an enormous amount of click frauds can be wiped out here.  

2. Set Up Ip Prohibition 

It is exceptionally simple to set up IP prohibition in Google Ads account. There is an alternative under the settings tab to set up IP avoidances. You may enter all the IP addresses here that you feel are suspicious or deceitful.  

3. Set Geo-Targeting Cautiously 

It has been seen that most click farms are situated in nations where labour rates are low. Henceforth it is prudent that your areas channels do exclude such nations. You can likewise limit advertising from being shown in specific areas or even postal areas.  

4. Show Your Advertising Just On The Top-Notch Sites

It's easy to prohibit your advertisements from showing up on low-quality websites. Google Ads permits you to see the specific pages or significant level areas where your advertisements are being appeared. On the off chance that you don't know about the nature of a specific site where your advertising is being shown, you can check their domain authority and do a bit of research about their reputation. On the off chance that the site isn't reliable, at that point prevent Google Ads from indicating your advertisements on those websites. A few advertisers encourage you to run just remarketing efforts to stop click frauds in plain view systems. Nonetheless, this is certifiably not an extraordinary thought to confine your reach and disregard a huge piece of your intended interest group.

5. Use Click Fraud Software

Now and then it turns out to be a lot for an advertiser to physically distinguish and prevent click fraud This is especially valid for an organization where there is no devoted staff to oversee PPC Ads. Similarly, large associations have such a large number of campaigns going on all the while. Furthermore, overseeing click frauds for such a large number of advertising becomes a great deal. In both situations, it is advised to utilize a SaaS-based Click Fraud software. It recognizes as well as secures against fraud clicks identified with pay-per-click (PPC) promoting. These tools are utilized by advertisers to distinguish manual or computerized endeavours to expand click numbers. There are a few devoted organizations right now a large portion of the work admirably of overseeing click frauds.


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